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Welcome to Business Corporation !!!!
Boutique is the latest buzzword in the industry. It is the essential ingredient that makes one’s creation and/or service remarkably different from others’ in the same league. BUSINESS CORPORATION is focused on providing best and boutique facility management service perfectly customized to your corporate requirements and estimated budget. Our goal is to provide integrated facility management service and ensure ultimate customer experience for every client by making it possible to utilize their workspace in the best way imaginable.

Area of Work
We provide service across a wider spectrum of corporate area and only to those who want an intelligent use of their office space. At Business Corporation, both quality and your hard-earned money are highly valued. We try our best to ensure superlative FM service is delivered at the lowest cost. .
Innovation keeps the wheels of progress moving on. Our innovative ideas are colored and complemented by our constant effort to improve ourselves. As a result, our customers enjoy better than the best service with every passing day.
Innovative & Intelligent Service at Reduced Cost
Composing simple ideas is very hard, so much so, that many service providers in the industry are busy making a twist to the complex models. In such situations, originality takes a backseat and you have to cough out more than you can afford. It is the scenario where we are way ahead of others.
Supported by new-age technology and a strong team of ‘who is who’, we compose unique ideas and execute them with perfection. We ensure efficiency not only in terms of quality of work but also in the way cost is reduced to your defined range of affordability.

About us / Why Us?

Uniqueness is the ‘X’ factor that makes one’s creation and/or service most unique and special for the clients. At BUSINESS CORPORATION , we are determined to deliver unique and top-notch service to the corporate houses. Our facility management service is designed to be remarkably different from other service providers with a view to integrate small details into our planning and offer greater experience to the corporate occupiers.

Why Us?

Our Mission

‘We grow with you’ – that is the phrase to define our service. BUSINESS CORPORATION deeply connects itself to your mission. Your dream becomes our own and we give our best shot to make it happen for you. The friendly relationship that we share with our customers implies you will enjoy only superlative quality service.

Who We Are?
BUSINESS CORPORATION is a facility management service provider. Based in Kolkata, we are a company with an ambition to decorate our profile by providing quality service to both elite names and small fishes across the corporate world. We are committed to providing only comprehensive, customized and commendable service. We believe in clarity of mission, vision and professionalism while dealing with our potential clients.
Our Professionals
We work with only expert and experienced professionals. They have power of imagination like a poet and attention like a saint. When you contact us, our experts immediately connect to your soul. As a result, you experience value-added service to manage your workspace in the best way possible.
Our team of management has finically handpicked only those who can take us ahead with their visionary power. Our experts exemplify the rare combination of aptitude and attitude. Courtesy of them, we have been able to successfully deal with facility management work across different sectors
Master of Game
There is no use of being jack of all trades but master of none. We are determined to enjoy undisputed excellence in facility management service. You and your employees spend many hours at the workplace and our integrated and intelligent approach towards facility management makes it a great experience for all.
We Engage with You
In today’s business world, it is most important to engage with clients in order to understand their requirements, aspiration and affordability. We do the same and that quality has made us an automatic choice for the corporate houses. Together we make great difference.
We Fulfill Promises
We don’t make hollow promises. We promise only what we are capable of doing. We start with a you-centric and simple strategy and stick to it at any cost.
On-Time Completion plus Low Cost
Just like quality, time is also an important factor in the industry. The rock-solid values inscribed into our code of conduct and pages of professionalism always make sure that you get nothing but the best within the deadline and at the lowest possible cost. With ingredients like skill, creativity, commitment and experience, only the highest quality facility management service is ensured to reward your trust on us.

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